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Education support to Swathi

Swathi hasn’t always been lucky in her life. When she was two years old, her father left her and her mother, and their only option was to live with her grandparents in Rayavaram, a village in Markapur area. In 2020, when Swathi was 18 years old, she lost her mother. One year later, her grandmother died of COVID. Swathi stayed behind with her grandfather and the two had neither an income nor perspective. ASSIST found one of their donors willing to support Swathi, not only by providing her and her grandfather a monthly income, but also by supporting her to join Engineering College and covering all her school expenses.  

Swathi started attending college in 2021 and appears to be a very bright and ambitious student! She is doing a Bachelor of Technology (B-Tech) with a specialization in Electronics and Communication. He ambition is to join the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) as a District Collector in one of the Head Offices in the cities. IAS is the highest administrative authority in India and includes all kinds of government departments. 

Swathi kickstarted her future successfully by winning an award for her presentation on Polar Satellite Technique in college and she is confident of her future and her career.