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ASSIST is a registered non-governmental organisation working for the development of poor and marginalised communities in rural areas of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, India.

ASSIST was founded in 1985 on the premise that development in India can only take place in proportion to the development of Village-India.

For more than three decades, ASSIST has transformed thousands of lives by committing itself to the poorest of the poor, in areas where no other NGO has gone before. ASSIST helps the most underprivileged members of society, but it does so with a difference. The organisation’s proven and sustainable approach focuses on the comprehensive development of its target communities.

Update: report on Covid-19 Relief Measures

ASSIST India Covid 19 relief measures
A unique feature of this approach is the development of innovative and adaptable strategies based on continuous communication at the community level.

ASSIST helps communities to find answers for themselves by giving all its members an active and participative role right from the beginning. ASSIST does not work for the people, but with the people in order to achieve the overall objective: making a community a viable unit for its own development.

Transforming lives since 1985

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