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Our organisation’s proven and sustainable approach focuses on the comprehensive development of communities


Who We Are

ASSIST is a registered non-governmental organisation working for the development of poor and marginalised communities in rural areas of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, India. 

ASSIST helps the most underprivileged members of society, but we do so with a difference. Our organisation’s proven and sustainable approach focuses on the comprehensive development of communities

Building Ideal Communities

ASSIST’s Approach

The unique feature of ASSIST’s approach is that we help communities to find answers for themselves by ensuring all its members take an active and participative role right from the beginning of any intervention. 

ASSIST does not work for the people, but with the people, to achieve our overall objective: making a community a viable unit for its own development.


ASSIST’s Projects

The gap between rich and poor in India is rising, and isolated rural communities struggle to break the cycle of underdevelopment and poverty in the face of the major social and economic barriers they face. 

Since 1985, ASSIST has transformed thousands of lives  by committing itself to working in solidarity these most disadvantaged communities poorest of the poor, in areas where no other NGO has gone before. Each year over 400,000 people benefit from ASSIST’s work.

Safe Water Access

Water safety and quality are fundamental to human development and well being.

Sustainable Agriculture

Seventy percent of India’s population depend on agriculture for their livelihood sources, out of which most are small farmers.

Vocational Training Project

ASSIST aims to improve the economic status of poor communities by identifying sustainable income sources and providing corresponding skill training.

Comprehensive Community Development Project

Our Comprehensive Community Development Project (CCDP) is a programme of wide-ranging development activities which ASSIST delivers in one community over a period of three to five years.

Where We Work

The communities that ASSIST serves live in a wide variety of locations, including villages on river islands, coastal regions of the Bay of Bengal, arid inland mining regions, and tribal settlements in the mountains. 

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