ASSIST is a secular NGO founded in 1985 by J. Ranga Rao (Operational Director) and K.S.R. Murthy (Executive Director).

They were inspired by the ideology of the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi. He once said that “there is no freedom for India unless its villages are free” and that “independence must begin at the bottom”.

ASSIST’s work strongly reflects this ideology. We are convinced that development in India can only take place when its most underprivileged members are able to fight with strength, courage and confidence for their own political, economic and social needs.

We believe that rural communities, when given a chance, can find solutions for their problems and bring positive change to their own lives, and to those of the future generations.


ASSIST’s leading principles:


  • Community ownership – We help communities to become viable units for their own development
  • Collective action – We work hand in hand with villagers, local bodies, Government and outside partners
  • Respect and democracy – We promote solutions that are inclusive and democratic in nature at every stage of development
  • Integrity – Honesty and accountability are the cornerstones of our operations
  • Reflection – We follow a systematic process and we evaluate every action in order to optimise future actions

Our mission is to promote comprehensive community development through community action and participation.

Our overall objective is to turn the communities we embrace into viable units for their own development.

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