Our systematic development process consists of three critical phases:

1. Socio-Educational Development

In this first phase, we give primary importance to the active involvement of our target groups to make them aware of their own needs. We sensitise the people by a series of interventions that promote awareness, community sense and confidence. By forming, educating and strengthening People’s Organisations at the community level, we help the people to strive for their sustainable development independently.

2. Infrastructure Development 

Once we have created awareness on critical development issues and the People’s Organisations are able to respond to the problems of their community, they are encouraged to address them and take up infrastructure development activities.

With the support of ASSIST and the local Government, they improve their living environment by building proper houses, sanitary facilities, water sources, schools, health centres, internal roads etc.



We monitor our activities weekly in cluster meetings, and monthly in area meetings and coordinators meetings. During these meetings, we review our performances and measure the impact of our various programmes executed in the areas.

3. Sustainable Economic Development 

All our efforts in the first two phases to improve the living conditions of our target groups are linked with income generating activities to enhance their economic status.

Only by encouraging people to find sustainable income sources, we can achieve lasting change. To lift young people out of poverty, ASSIST facilitates skill development in a wide variety of professional fields.

The profits of land-based activities are improved by creating sustainable means of production. By increasing and optimising livelihood opportunities for families, we motivate parents to send their working children to school instead of sending them to work. People’s Organisations play a critical role in this phase of the development process.

Once a community has identified solutions to its economic problems, these organisations take up activities for further sustainable development.

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