ASSIST India Covid 19 relief measures

The novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, pandemic has spread across 213 countries and territories. This is an unprecedented challenge the mankind ever faced. Its rapid spread brought devastating effects on almost all aspects of human life.

Many countries declared lockdown to control its spread and people everywhere are asked to stay home to keep themselves safe and follow certain prescribed precautions and safety measures. Under the circumstances, the Government of India too declared a total lockdown across the Country from 23rd March and the state of Andhra Pradesh too had to follow the path. The situation of the people in our target areas like the rural agricultural labourers and other informal workers in the unorganised sector everywhere has become miserable. They are all dependent on daily wages. Their situation is, the day they work, they get wages, the day they get wages, they get food.

Literally, theirs is a hand to mouth existence. With the lockdown, their life came to a standstill suddenly. They are too ignorant to understand what Corona is and how it is affecting the whole world, the only worry they always have is, how to survive with at least basic needs fulfilled for themselves and for their families. This simple and basic need of theirs got affected severely during the lockdown, with no work and no scope to get out of the house.

The question doing rounds in the rural areas is which of them is more serious – corona virus or lockdown? The debate continues. It is fighting two enemies at a time, the unknown Corona virus and the increasing positive cases in the state of Andhra Pradesh and the districts of Guntur and Prakasam, the operational areas of ASSIST and the known enemy of hunger. With lockdown imposed throughout the Country, the woes of the ordinary masses doubled.

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